I am a Spanish film fan who believes that after ending a movie , begins a world of dreams.This blog is dedicated to show,share my collection. All my items are Screen used Props / Wardrobe and Production items only, NOT replicas.

Wolverine, The (2013) Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) SFX CGI Stabbing “Bone Claws”

Movie: Wolverine, The (2013)
Category: Movie Prop
Celebrity: Hugh Jackman
From the 2013 film The Wolverine, a pair of custom-made CGI Bone Claws for use by Hugh Jackman as “Logan / Wolverine”. These CGI Claws were used in stabbing scenes where CGI could be added. The claws are made from resin and painted to look like bone, with cast-in-place metal posts that are attached to the base grips. The Claws come with a custom made display which measures 25cm x 15cm x 17cm. 

COA: Movie Prop Warehouse

The Monuments Men (2014) - Claire's (Cate Blanchet) Ledger

Movie: The Monuments Men (2014)
Category: Movie Prop
Celebrity: Cate Blanchet / Matt Damon
World War II was about a battle of ideals which is really a clashing of cultures. A major building block to any culture are the crafts and arts that make them unique. Hitler's plans for domination were beyond dismantling peoples and countries, but erasing the very history of the progressing free world by attacking art. The Monuments Men documents the overlooked yet important mission of a few brave soldiers who fought to preserve art that has only continued to influence life and culture as we know it today. This ledger was used by Cate Blanchet as Claire Simone and Matt Damon as James Granger in this film.She provides a comprehensive ledger she has compiled that provides valuable information on the stolen art and the rightful owners.